Everything is Figureoutable

Taking a line (and the title of the upcoming book) from one of my favorite business women, Marie Forleo, everything is figureoutable has become my motto for the last year.
Since deciding to leave my marketing position with Jimmy John’s that provided a safe salary, plenty of travel perks, and endless sandwiches in August 2018, I have been repeating this phrase constantly.
The endless drudgery of job applications led me to figure out how to create my own position as a social media marketer with my mom’s real estate team, Morrison Home Team, in my hometown of Barrington, IL. Within two weeks of spreading the word about my new position, I was approached by my second client who asked if I could take on her work as well (thanks for the support, Mama Jess!).
Suddenly, I had to figure out how to structure my time and implement systems that I was learning to use as I pushed forward. As the months continued, my client list grew and so did my knowledge of how to run a business.
Here’s what else I have figured out on my journey: It is evident that social media has changed the marketing world so rapidly that many small businesses are having a hard time keeping up. Because of this, local companies are losing their competitive edge and therefore losing clients and potential sales. My goal for my clients became bridging the gap between these small businesses and the vast social world that is Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
DSC-0433 (1)
Now, almost a year later, I have figured out how to manage and bring value to 13 clients, and still somehow have free time for myself! Thanks for following me on this journey, I’m excited to have you here!
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